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Meet the Maker:  Dave Kippen of Dave Kippen Art

Meet the Maker: Dave Kippen of Dave Kippen Art

With a unique and fun artistic style, Dave Kippen uses bold color and texture to create his pieces.  Let's learn a little bit more about Dave, who leads our Mindfulness Painting Workshops and Canvas + Cocktails Workshops.



Tell us a little bit about your background.  When did you begin and what drew you (pun fully intended!) toward your artistic pursuits? 

I was always an artsy kid, as a lot of us are. In high school I took a few “graphics” classes (because they seemed easy!) where we learned how to do some basic design work and then do screen printing and heat transfer stuff on our own clothes. I really ended up enjoying that process so I decided to go to college for Graphic Design. I never ended up being a graphic designer, but all the art classes we were required to take as part of the curriculum really stuck with me throughout the years.  


How would you describe your artistic style?

My style is all over the place. Some artists have a very distinct style that you can always see in their work. I don’t think I have that! I love to explore all kinds of different styles. I guess overall, it is probably categorized as “expressionism”. I do not gravitate toward realism at all – I can appreciate artists who can paint something that looks like a photo, but that just does not interest me. I want to interpret life a bit different with my art.   



Where do you find inspiration?  What motivates you to create?

 A lot of inspiration comes from other artists. Seeing them push the edges of color, texture, style… its so inspiring. I then apply that to whatever subject is top of mind. It might be a landscape, a sunset, a figure, a face, a cat… I am not picky!


Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My current favorite living artists are Chris Guess, Glenn Barr, Matt Talbert and Cindy Press. They all have social media, check them out!! Their art is so amazing in different ways. As I reflect on it, what I like about their style is how simple and easy it looks, but the output is anything but simple.   



What is your favorite medium?

 I mostly paint with oils. I sometimes use acrylic as a base layer (because I am impatient, and it dries quick!). I also love screen printing with screen print ink or acrylics. I dabble in watercolor but really need to work on that. I also am really beginning to appreciate digital art more and more. I draw a lot on the iPad and have some of that art uploaded to my website for print sales.


Tell us about your day job.  Do you feel it influences your art or creative process in any way?

Interesting question! My day job is to help people improve their processes. I am a Continuous Improvement Manager at a large nutrition processing company. I have never thought about the overlap… I think the common thread is about bringing joy to others. I believe that by helping others improve their work and reduce stress, they can be more joyful. I believe that original art hanging on someone’s wall brings joy to the home.



Do you offer custom portraits or pieces?

I sure do! I do a lot of commission work. I have a very unique style of portraits that I do for folks who want to capture family moments. I love to see the reaction when they get their piece and look at it for the first time. I also do a TON of caricature work! People love to see their kids, spouses, and pets drawn in a fun playful way. 


Visit Dave Kippen Art to view more of his work and see buying options.  You can follow Dave on Instagram and Facebook.

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